Skipton, North Yorkshire


Chelker Technology

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Managing Director

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Networking, Business Partners, Inspiration

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Engineering Design and Project Management

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  • Hey Neil,

    Just joined engineering exchange.  This is the first message I'm writing.  I'm from the USA.

    I joined to make some connections, and to test out the engineering market segments with respect to my startup company's product that I'm helping take to market (we currently have a small customer base developed during our beta-period, we are now on the market).

    I just took another peek at your website -- 3D scanning, engineering, pretty interns, solid modeling, tooling, and an emphasis on engineering services!

    Our product company enables companies to start, manage and execute 3d projects online, from RFQ, to design reviews, to deliverables.  Our emphasis is on "3D", "CAD", "Online", and "Simple".  5 steps above an FTP and 4.5 steps below a PDM/PLM like Wildfire or TeamCenter.

    I'm asking you, first, and will continue to ask a few people on Engineering Exchange for some help on our website's message.  

    - Does it appeal to the Engineer in you?  

    - If you sign up, why?  

    - If you're not interested, why not?

    site -- www.teamplatform.com

    If you get this message, but are just not interested in checking out the site, signing up, or providing any feedback, it would be helpful to know why.



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