Geometric invites you to visit us at PTC / User Benelux conference where we will be showcasing our design for manufacturing solution, integrated right inside PTC CREO Parametric.

Global competition, increasing product complexities and pressures to optimize costs has led to iterative product development process which significantly impacts time to market and product costs. Design engineers spend around 30% or higher on engineering rework due to downstream manufacturability and assembly issues. Hence it is imperative to identify and address such issues during the early product design stage.

Visit our booth to see live demonstrations of DFMPro, a design for manufacturing solution that facilitates upstream manufacturability validation and identification of areas of a design that are difficult, expensive or impossible to manufacture.

Join us for our KT session on “Adopting a Holistic Approach to Design for Manufacturability”. This 40 minutes presentation is must-attend for product designers as well as manufacturing engineers who face issues related to engineering rework, defects and delays. Add to Calendar.

Session Details:

Session Title:Moving from Reactive to Proactive Design: Adopting a Holistic Approach to Design for Manufacturability
Time:15:40  – 16:20

Eindhoven 3, Hotel Eindhoven, Aalsterweg 322, 5644 RL  Eindhoven

Session Abstract:
The traditional approach of Design for Manufacturability (DFM) with design guidelines and checklist addresses these issues but is difficult, time-consuming and error-prone. A proactive approach to Design for Manufacturing, by implementing it upstream can help reduce engineering changes and improve time to market .This presentation demonstrates innovative technological developments in 3D design to automate the process of design validation for manufacturability. It covers some of the traditional manufacturing process such as machining, sheet metal, injection molding, casting, tubing and next generation processes like additive manufacturing.

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