In this 40 minute webinar, learn how two common hazards can hamper a wind turbine's production. Wind-turbine owners and operators may experience a significant reduction of generated power, reducing overall turbine efficiency, if they don't take into account:

  • Blade Icing
  • Failed Slip Rings Issues
  • Increased Reliability

In this free webinar, we explore how Moog Blade Sensing Ice Detection Systems can monitor the load of each blade, providing real-time data indicating presence and level of ice build-up. We also examine key challenges with transmitting power and data signals from the nacelle through slip rings to the pitch-control system. Costly downtime can be eliminated by using fiber-brush technology and rugged mechanical components in the slip ring. Moog representatives show how they designed a slip ring that addresses these requirements for reliability and maintainability and thereby reduces a wind turbine's overall operating cost.
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