Hein Zay Yar Oo left a comment for Regina Kenney
"Anyone who can help me out, please help me out. I interested in cars and robots. My aunt said Mechanical Engineering is about the engine of a car. So at first I thought I would join the Mechanical Engineering section. But a friend of mine said that…"
Sep 14, 2013
Hein Zay Yar Oo left a comment for Andrew Dreasler
"Thank you very much Sir Andrew Dreasler for answering my questions patiently. You will be the first one the know if I have more questions. Thank you."
Sep 13, 2013
Hein Zay Yar Oo left a comment for Andrew Dreasler
"What might be the ending results of entering MIT and the results of entering Harvard different from each other?What might be some advantages of entering MIT instead of Harvard? So according to the first message you have left for me , I should be…"
Sep 12, 2013
Hein Zay Yar Oo left a comment for Andrew Dreasler
"Thank you very much sir. You have helped me out immensely and I thank you very much. One more question about engineering, how smart do you have to be and what are the SAT scores in order to enter famous engineering universities like…"
Sep 11, 2013

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  • The difference between MIT and Harvard/Yale is rather simple, MIT is an Engineering school, Harvard and Yale are Law schools.  Each school is famous for being 'the best' in their particular field.

  • I'm not sure what the requirements are to get into MIT, since I never even tried to get in there.  Being such a prestigious institution, the Engineering world's equivalent of Harvard or Yale, it has become rather exclusive; getting in is more a matter of who you know (faculty, alumni, financial sponsors) than what you know.

  • You are asking about cars and robots and which Engineering field you should focus in.

    For cars, you should look toward Automotive Engineering.

    For robots, you should look at Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering -AND- Mechatronics.

    Your Aunt is mistaken about Mechanical Engineering, it's not about the engine of a car (Automotive Engineering covers that, as well as all the other parts that are involved in making the car go; powertrain, suspension, aerodynamics, braking, etc), mechanical Engineering is about, for lack of a better term, 'equipment that moves.' In Mechanical Engineering it's all about levers, joints, gears, pulleys, basically any way of transferring energy from point A to point B through moving parts, as well as knowing how to support  the weight of loads being moved. (I'm an Electronic Engineer, so I don't have the correct 'lingo' to fully describe Mechanical Engineering, not sure I fully understand it myself.)  I'm not saying that a Mechanical Engineering background won't help with Automotive Engineering or Robotics, far from it, Mechanical Engineering is the foundation on which almost all other Engineering is based on, since anything built in the 'real world' needs to be supported somehow or support itself somehow, and that support is all Mechanical (or possibly Structural) Engineering.

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