John K left a comment for saksham
"what exactly will we be doing?"
Dec 12, 2008

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  • Put your resume on (free) and/or pay $50 year and join CEweekly and upload your resume. Download a 30 day trial of Wildfire 4.0 and model something as complicated as work you use to do. Your skills will come back quick if you apply yourself. You may be required to travel until you find something closer but that is better than no job. Good Luck.
  • Now I am going to Start. Desander's Vibrator, and Hydro Cylone unit,
    We will sell either the draings, or the whole fabricated unit.
    In India this product is priced at 2 million rs., so a lot of profit margin is there.
  • We will be making a model, assembly for "Desander", and then we will sell it, I have a computer genius friend, he will bring us , no 1 , in google search, so any body who will search Desander, will be directed to us.
    You can search google, to understand, what is "Desander"
    If you are intrested, just let me know,
    As I have completed the, Base Frame, and Tank,
    Now I am going to Start. Desander
  • THe same is situation with me.
    check my website

    I have a project, if you want to get involved, you are welcome, after developing that project we will sell it
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