Playa Del Rey, CA


July 2


WTWH Media

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Regional Sales Manager


Engineering, Wind, Solar

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  • We are seeing more activity then in previous 24 months. What we have noticed is a change in the requirements by the employers who are looking to replace individuals or expand; most seem to want to hire a multi-functional individual. It appears as though they would like to find an individual that can do two different functions that would normally be done by two different people in an organization all rolled up in one person.

    As an engineering recruiter we are finding some of these people but many are not in a position to relocate and on that same note, we are also finding companies that are not too excited about relocating people at the present time. When we post a job on our web page; we are still getting plenty of responses; but it seems that the numbers have dropped off, maybe a sign that the unemployed quietly finding their way back into the job market. Current openings can bee seen at www.citynatl.com
  • Why are you using those bit.ly 'condensed' links in your posts now? There's no need, the Exchange can handle full addresses, and using the 'condensed' links only raises suspision about the safety of the site 'hiding' behind the 'encrypted' address.
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  • Oops, I found the link to join. Thanks anyway, and great idea for a group!
  • I'd like to be added to the Career Builder group. Thank you!
  • Welcome -
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